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Ask Fr. Francis: Will the Departed Miss Family and Loved Ones?

The following is an excerpt from askfrfrancis.orgFr. Francis Ching, CC answers tough questions about the Catholic faith.


If a person passed away suddenly leaving his/her family on earth, would the departed miss the family if he/she is in heaven? If the departed knows his/her family member(s) will head towards spiritual death, would he/she be sad and concerned in heaven? If yes, is there any sadness in heaven?

Fr. Francis' Answer:

For souls who are in heaven now, there are a number of things that are going on:

  1. They see God face to face, what we call the beatific vision. This seeing of the Perfect itself transforms and glorifies the soul so completely that it enjoys total fulfillment and is made into be like God. They will come to know and love the Infinite.
  2. Because the soul is finite, this knowing and loving of the Infinite will take eternity.
  3. They will come to know all people as God knows them. They will know the perfect reason for what happens to each soul: how God ceaselessly pour out His will and mercy, and the free response the person makes.

Souls in heaven, the saints, therefore, are more intimately aware of our journey than ourselves, and at each decision point, they are rallying for us to make the right choice. They are not only longing to see us in heaven, but they are very much more yearning to see us cooperate with God’s grace, to choose life and salvation.

However, this longing and yearning is not...

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