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9 Reasons to Come to Dcn. Ruben's Ordination

If you haven’t heard yet, Dcn. Rubén Campbell is being ordained to the priesthood on August 26th. If you haven’t decided to come yet, I am here to persuade you!

We want you to come because ordinations are awesome and we want to celebrate with you! Keeping an event like this to ourselves would be unfair.

So, here are 9 reasons why you should change the pencilled date in your calendar and write it in ink, or even a sharpie!

  1. Priestly ordinations are encouraging – The Catholic Church encourages us to celebrate our faith in communion with all the faithful! Events like these can certainly strengthen our faith and our resolve. Seeing a man abandon his life to the Lord, pick up his cross, and follow him is uplifting, encouraging, and strengthening.
  2. Celebration of tradition – priestly ordinations are steeped in tradition, from the laying on of hands to the presentation of the Gospels. Priestly ordinations are truly unique.
  3. Liturgical beauty – explaining the beauty of a priestly ordination is next to impossible. Come and experience it for yourself!
    • However, for those who can’t come, I will do my best to write a phenomenal article, and post beautiful pictures on our website.
  4. Ordinations are a very public expression of following the call of the Lord. It is a privilege and honour to witness one.
  5. The music is heavenly.
  6. First blessings – you can get your first blessing from Dcn. Rubén.
  7. There will be a reception following the ordination. There will also be lots of people, seminarians, and priests to meet.
  8. There are a lot of events that weekend to attend!
    • Dcn. Rubén will also be celebrating his Mass of Thanksgiving on Sunday, August 27th at Annunciation of the Lord Parish at 10:15am.
    • At Dcn. Rubén’s Mass of Thanksgiving – The Companions of the Cross will be introducing the new applicants of 2017.
    • The annual anniversaries celebration will be on Monday August 28th. This is also a wonderful event.
  9. But most importantly, like every other Catholic Mass, you can encounter the real Jesus. The Jesus that died and rose again. The Jesus that set you and I free. The Jesus whose love is so powerful it transformed the world over 2000 years ago. The Jesus whose love continues to transform the world today.

We understand if you can’t make it. But, if you were thinking of coming… we implore you to come join us.

“Be lifted. Be strengthened. Witness and experience.”

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