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11 Ways to Start Singing!

Adult singingLast week, Fr. Mark Goring proclaimed that it was time for the Catholic Church to sing again. Amen! But, how do we sing again?

  1. Don’t miss your prayer time! Your prayer time has got to be as essential as eating and as essential as drinking water!
  2. Say yes to the Holy Spirit.
  3. Ask God to fill you with his Holy Spirit. “Jesus, fill me with your Holy Spirit.” It can be that easy! In fact, you can say it multiple times a day.
  4. Proclaim God’s praises. This is also something you can do a few times a day.
  5. Share a smile with someone you don’t know. This, like the two points mentioned above, can also be done a few times a day.
  6. Buy a coffee for a colleague. You can even buy one for a colleague you struggle with.
  7. Have you tried singing?
  8. Do you spend time with your friends from Church? Invite someone along!
  9. Invite someone to Mass with you. Then, don’t leave them high and dry to figure it out on their own. Help them out!
  10. Or, invite someone to come to an introductory program your Church may be hosting, like Alpha!
  11. They say leaves blow with the wind. Well, be like a leaf and go where the Holy Spirit leads you!

“Pick one of these items from above, or ask the Holy Spirit to inspire you, and make it a habit! Make it the one small change you will make this month.

Like Fr. Mark proclaimed, the Catholic Church needs to sing again! So, become part of the metaphorical choir and get singing!

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