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Kerygma 2 - Winning Souls for Christ (Ep. 5)

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If we don't understand that we need a Saviour, we are not going to understand who Jesus is as our Saviour.

Fr. Francis Ching, CC Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: Did John Fall Away?

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The following is an excerpt from Fr....

Fr. Francis Ching Celebrating Mass

Ask Fr. Francis: Do I Have to Say, "The Gospel of the Lord"

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“Whenever the Word of God is proclaimed in public, it takes on a different character. It is no longer me reading a text, but the Body of Christ gathered together, and Christ Himself proclaiming...

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Kerygma 1 - Winning Souls for Christ (Ep. 4)

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Our deepest core identity comes from the love of God.

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Engaging the Culture - Winning Souls for Christ (Ep. 3)

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What is the strategy for the New Evangelization?

Fr. Francis Ching, CC celebrating Mass

Ask Fr. Francis: How Did Satan Enter Judas After Receiving the Eucharist?

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When we receive the Eucharist, we are saying “yes” to be one with Christ, it presupposes a covenantal relationship with Jesus. It is an act of saying “yes” to die to myself, take up my cross, and...