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Companions of the Cross

“The Companions of the Cross make an inestimable contribution to the life of our Diocese,” said the Most Reverend Allen Vigneron, Archbishop of Detroit. “And I take this occasion to express my great gratitude for their presence here, both in their ministry and at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary.” 

Find out more about our new residence here.

Fr. Jim Lowe Portrait

Faith, Hope, Love and Thanksgiving

Homily /  

Ways to stay focus on Christ is through the three virtues:

Faith: I must believe what Jesus says is true. I must believe he came to this earth to save me. 

Fr. Pierre Ingram Portrait

Open the Door

Homily /  

I'm not going to let the adversity, mockery, etc., rob me of the glory that comes when I open the door wide to the God of the universe.

Fr. Pierre Ingram Portrait

God Can do so Much More!

Homily /  

“What are the negative effects of my unbelief? What are the positive effects of belief? What would happen if I truly put my faith in God's word?”

Fr. Pierre Ingram Portrait

Hidden Acts of Faith and Obedience

Homily /  

There may be times in our own lives where we fell like things are not making sense. We have to trust that God will move his purposes forward through our simple hidden acts of...

Fr. Yves Marchildon, CC

Is Jesus King of my Life?

Homily /  

Does anyone know how many stars there are in the universe? They estimate that there are hundred
million stars in each of the two trillion galaxies. It could be...

Fr. Bryan Sabourin

Our hope is in Jesus

Homily /  

There is something deep within the human spirit that resists death and decay, whether its buildings,
family or communities, anything that is torn apart we get upset. There...

Fr. Bryan Sabourin Video Screen Shot

What is at the Heart of What You Do?

Homily /  

Jesus must be present at the heart of all that we do.

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Jesus Doesn't Want to be a House Guest

Homily /  

I am the King of Kings and I am the Lord of Lords. Will you let me into the rooms in your life where you are most afraid, weak, and vulnerable? Will you let me be the king of...

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

Open Your Heart

Homily /  

In order to receive his saving grace we have to open our hearts to him.