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Companions of the Cross

Update from our seminarians on Mission Sacré-Coeur.

"Spending time with our new holy friends with the Loretto Wednesday night prayer group in Vienna, really brought us out of a place of desolation. We were impressed with their liveliness and love for Jesus! They took us out for dinner after the meeting and paid for our food and prayed for us just after we took this photo and prophesied over us. Many of them even want to come join us to evangelize later this week! Praise God!"


Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

Food is a Great Servant but an Awful Master

Homily /  

Food is a gift from God. It is good. It is meant to serve us. It is an awful master.

Fr. Francis Ching Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: What Are Our Responsibilities as Godparents?

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The following is an excerpt from

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I Don't Got This!

Homily /  

As we journey through life we need to learn things on our own, to become wise and achieve a certain degree of healthy independence. The Lord wants us to be wise and learn. He...

Fr. Alex Colautti Portrait

Rejection, It Hurts

Homily /  

Rejection is a universal human experience. It is painful, it hurts. 

Why do we take an experience of rejection and internalize it? We're broken.


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Fix Your Face

Homily /  

The Christian should radiate the joy of the Lord.

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It's All Gift

Homily /  

This has to remain central to us as we journey in the spiritual life. It is all gift. 

Fr. Allan MacDonald Portrait

Like Father, Like Son

Homily /  

Zechariah and St. John the Baptist came to know their mission through silence. God has a mission for my life that I can know when I spend time with Him in silence.

Fr. Lawrence Hyginus Portrait

My Vocation Story

Homily /  

“Say yes to God's plan because God's plan is the best.”

Fr. Jim Lowe Portrait

What do You Want From Me?

Homily /  

“God does have a purpose and a plan for each and every one of us. Many of us haven't discovered it. It doesn't matter how old or young you are. It is never too late. Now is the...