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Companions of the Cross

“I stand at the door and knock. If anyone will but open the door, I will come in, sit down, and have supper with him.” (Revelation 3:20)

Fr. Alex Colautti blessing someone

Thank you!

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What does your gift support?

“The formation of priests who are bold and courageous leaders in the New Evangelization.”

Fr. Rob Arsenault Portrait

The Serenity Prayer

Homily /  

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,

Fr. Alex Colautti

Little Yellow Arrows

Homily /  

Life itself is a journey, a pilgrimage. As Christians, we are on a spiritual pilgrimage to our Heavenly home.

Fr. John Paul Bolger Portrait

Make Visible the Invisible

Homily /  

God he has given us the means to experience him even if we can't see him. This is what our faith is all about. 

Fr. Lawrence Hyginus Portrait

Three Concrete Challenges

Homily /  

Here are three concrete challenges:

Fr. Bryan Sabourin

“Holy Family Happy Family”

Homily /  

Today we see Mary and Joseph distraught over losing Jesus. When they finally find him days later in the temple at the feet of the doctors of the law, their reaction is amazing...

Fr. Bryan Sabourin

“The Gift of All Gifts”

Homily /  

As great as the gifts are under the tree, it’s great to celebrate the gift of all gifts, Jesus.
A lot of people were expecting a king to come and set them free from a...

Fr. John Paul Bolger, CC Portrait

Increasing the Family

Homily /  

Our existence is all about God increasing his family, increasing the number of people who experience communion with him.

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Raising the Next Generation

Homily /  

We are all called to raise up the next generation in different ways.