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Companions of the Cross

“Good deeds cannot purchase heaven. Love swings wide the gates of paradise.” (Fr. Francis Ching)

Fr. Lawrence Hyginus, CC Portrait

Who is the Rich Young Man?

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“FOMO is a pervasive apprehension that others may be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent.” (Wikipedia)

Fr. Francis celebrating Mass

Ask Fr. Francis: Is being a 'good guy' enough to get into Heaven?

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But isn’t that the problem: we don’t believe what we are told, but we want it, and really we want it in our own terms.

Fr. John Paul Bolger, CC Portrait

He Loves Us Where we Are

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God desires that we experience his love, delight, and joy in us every moment. He loves us where we are, as we are. 

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Brothers and sisters, ask the Holy Spirit to fall afresh on you so that you can be so filled with his breath that indeed you will want to always praise the Lord.

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The Only Real Tragedy

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Each one of us is called to become a saint in our own unique way. If we want to become a saint, we need to have saints as friends. 

Fr. Bob Bedard, CC

Lord, You do Whatever you Want to do Here

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"We need the power of God. We are not going anywhere without it. In fact, we are going backwards."

Fr. Charles Orchard Portrait

God's Plan for Marriage

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Christian marriage is a sacrament to which a man and a woman enter into a permanent communion of life and love. 

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Marriage is About God

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“Lord Jesus come into what is broken. Come into my heart. I trust in you. I place all my hope in you. I love you. Thank you, Jesus.”

Fr. Bryan Sabourin

What is our Response in this Crisis?

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Our walk as a church has not matched our talk.  It’s been a failure in holiness, mission and leadership. Our first response has to be to cry to God for help. Raise up saints...