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Companions of the Cross

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Welcome to Paradise

Homily /  

“You cannot have paradise without the Lord.”


Meditation for discernment

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Lord Jesus, teach me to pray, to enter into loving interpersonal relationship with you. Teach me to come into loving awareness of your great love for me, of the fact that you...

Dan Potvin Portrait

The Joy of Stewardship - Empty Your Pride and Fear

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"Every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is lord, to the glory of God the Father”.

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Do Not Despise the Small Things

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Brothers and sisters, ask the Holy Spirit for his wisdom, for his precision, so that you too can win the race. 

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We Need St. Joseph

Homily /  

Let's ask St. Joseph, the protector of the Church, to intercede for us. 

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Dying to Glorify God

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"Building God's Kingdom can be heaps of fun! It's hard work. And it's not without its sufferings. But using our gifts to glorify God is the most rewarding things we can...

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Jesus Invitation to Us

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This is Jesus' invitation to us...

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Give Him the Glory

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We will give him the glory that he deserves.

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Ask Fr. Francis: Why does the Church dig out the dead body before investigation of sainthood?

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The following is an excerpt from