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Companions of the Cross

“The Companions of the Cross make an inestimable contribution to the life of our Diocese,” said the Most Reverend Allen Vigneron, Archbishop of Detroit. “And I take this occasion to express my great gratitude for their presence here, both in their ministry and at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary.” 

Find out more about our new residence here.

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For Immediate Release: Companions of the Cross establish deeper roots in Detroit to better fulfill their mission 

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With the acquisition of a residence to house its formation program, the Companions of the Cross increases its capacity to engage with the community of the Archdiocese of...

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Warrior Identity - Men's Conference Talk #1

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“We cannot lose sight of the fact that we are warriors and we are meant to fight and battle to our very last breathe.”

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Stepping out in Faith

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Here are three things we can do to increase our faith. 

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Change Your Perspective

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Jesus is inviting us to reflect on what barriers we have in our hearts and the ways our perspective needs to change. 

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When Things Aren't Working Out

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The Lord is saying, 'I provide. I deliver what I order. If I'm asking you to do something things will work out, just do what you can.'

Fr. Rob Arsenault, CC Portrait

Called to be Good, Not Lucky

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We need to choose it and be intentional about how we live it so that we don't arrive by chance or luck, but by choice.

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This is the heart of Jesus. It is the heart we are called to adopt.

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Doing Whatever It Takes

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At Saint Benedict we are going to do whatever it takes to reach those in and around our church.

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The Joy in Giving

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The Lord said, 'They will know you are Christians by your love.'