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Companions of the Cross

“I see the Church waking up and coming explosively alive...”

-Fr. Bob Bedard, CC

Fr. Simon Lobo Preaching

Burnt Out? Pray. Share. Rest.

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If you are feeling especially burdened, Jesus knows you and he loves you immensely. He is calling you to himself,
“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I...

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Engaging the Culture - Winning Souls for Christ (Ep. 3)

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What is the strategy for the New Evangelization?

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Don't Live a Life of Mediocrity!

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We are called to holiness. This requires fervour, perseverance, and we can't become lukewarm or mediocre.

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St. Maria Goretti - Episode 8

Homily /  

Pray for chastity through the intercession of St. Maria Goretti.

Fr. Mark Preaching

Mini Homily - July 5, 2020

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If we live according to the flesh we will die. If we allow the flesh to run its course in our lives, it will kill us. It is work to oppose the flesh and to live in the Spirit....

Fr. Tim Devine, CC Preaching

Let Jesus In

Homily /  

Let Jesus into whatever ways we are slaves to sin, whatever ways we don't have joy in us. Let him in to brighten us up and lighten our load. 

Fr. Jim Lowe, CC Portrait

Why Are You So Tired and Weary?

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You don't get as tired doing God's will as when you are trying to do your own thing. 

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Why Bother Praying?

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Here are three reasons you should pray!

Fr. Francis Ching, CC celebrating Mass

Ask Fr. Francis: How Did Satan Enter Judas After Receiving the Eucharist?

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When we receive the Eucharist, we are saying “yes” to be one with Christ, it presupposes a covenantal relationship with Jesus. It is an act of saying “yes” to die to myself,...