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Companions of the Cross

“The Companions of the Cross make an inestimable contribution to the life of our Diocese,” said the Most Reverend Allen Vigneron, Archbishop of Detroit. “And I take this occasion to express my great gratitude for their presence here, both in their ministry and at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary.” 

Find out more about our new residence here.

Deacon Marcus Schonnop portrait

Do Not Put Off Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

Homily /  

When we think of death we should not fall into despair or sadness. We have faith in what Jesus did and we hope in what is to come. Jesus has conquered sin and death and have...

Fr. Allan MacDonald Portrait

911, What's Your Emergency

Homily /  

In November we pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Is this biblical? What will I experience in purgatory?

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

Strive For Eternal Life

Homily /  

Why do us Catholics make the sacrifices, striving, trying grow in virtue, and resisting the ways of the world? Because we want to be with our God forever in Heaven, we want to...

Fr. Rob Arsenault Portrait

A renewed parish is a renewed people

Homily /  

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A renewed parish is a renewed people....

Fr. Simon Lobo Preaching

Am I a Consumer or Contributor?

Homily /  

Homily starts at 23:50
Jesus himself wants to strengthen us to serve; he wants to help move us from a consumer to a contributor.

Fr. Yves Marchildon Preaching

Children of the Resurrection

Homily /  

It is not a continuation of this life. We are children of the resurrection, sons and daughters of God. An intimate union with Him. That’s what the resurrection is foremost. We...

Fr. Mark youtube

Priest: Guardian of the Sacraments

Homily /  

Priests are called to be a good shepherd and a Guardian of the Blessed Sacrament. Priests are taught they have to be ready to lay down their lives for the sheep and honour and...

Fr. Bryan Sabourin

The Lord wants to Partner Personally with You.

Homily /  

Have a conversation with the Lord about your time, your gifts and skills, even your money; all those things. I’m sure you will get some personal direction on how you can help...

Fr. Allan MacDonald Portrait

Go Climb a Tree

Homily /  

Will I climb the tree of the Cross and welcome Jesus into the house of my life?