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Fr. Jerry Adoration

It was December 24th

We both went back up to her room and there I prayed and anointed his wife with the Holy Oils (Sacrament of the Sick). He thanked me and prepared to go home for the night. I continued on with a few...

Stock Photography

Director of Mission Advancement

Job Opportunity: Director of Mission Advancement

Our God is a God of Surprises

Our God is a God of Surprises - Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Tuesday!!! Here's a little update from us; we think you'll love it!

Bishop Scott Allocution

Bishop Scott's Episcopal Ordination Allocution

I would like to begin by expressing my deepest gratitude to His Holiness Pope Francis.

Fr. Allan with Alex Colautti and Miguel Perez

Another Step on the Journey to Becoming a Priest

Another step on the journey to becoming a priest.

Juan Pablo Orozco

Juan Pablo's Story (CC Seminarian)

Companion of the Cross Seminarian Juan Pablo share his story of encountering God in the Rosary!