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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

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Unity is God's Doing

Blog Post /  Words From the Founder

The Lord calls people together to share their lives with one another in him and so that he can use them to do his work.

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How to Go Beyond “I’ll Pray For You” – A Guide to Praying With Someone Spontaneously

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"Instead, one thing we can do when someone asks us to pray for them is to promptly ask the person, 'Would it be alright for me to pray for you right now?'"


A Little Practice - That's all we Need

Blog Post /  Words From the Founder

A little practice. That's all we need. We can all get good at it. 

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Affirmation: It is not an Option

Blog Post /  Words From the Founder

The word of God is abundantly clear. "Let us make it our aim... to strengthen one another," St. Paul says.

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I Didn't Think it was Possible

Blog Post /  Words From the Founder

She had made the Lord's decision, and he had come to work to deal with her feelings. 

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Ask Fr. Francis: Who Are the Saints?

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In fact, they love God so completely, and because God loves us so completely, they also love us more than we love ourselves.