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The Bedardian

Eucharistic Adoration

Use Your Gifts

Blog Post /  The Bedardian

We all have different gifts. Each one of us have gifts which are indispensable for the life of the Church. If we want to go forward we have to be working within our giftedness. 

The Holy Spirit

Renew the Church

Blog Post /  The Bedardian

If we are really evangelized we’re going to want to give Jesus to others.

Fr. Bob Praising

What is the Church's Mission?

Blog Post /  The Bedardian

Evangelization is key to the renewal of the Church. We want to see a renewed Church.

Bishop Christian Riesbeck Preaching

Is the Church Evangelizing?

Blog Post /  The Bedardian

Do we realize that? Is the Church doing what it exists to do? Is it evangelizing?

Fr. Scott holding Eucharist in Rwanda

Jesus Founded the Church

Blog Post /  The Bedardian

Jesus intentionally founded the Church on his own authority. It is his Church. Jesus stated this explicitly to St. Peter, “…and upon this Rock I will build my Church” (Matthew 16:17).

The Eucharist

Truth Is a Person

Blog Post /  The Bedardian

Truth is not determined by a majority vote. Amen!?