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Fr. Bob at pulpit during Easter Vigil

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Fr. Galen Bank, CC, Assistant General Superior, bestows the stole upon Deacon Alex Coautti, CC, on Sept. 15 at St. Scholastica P

Living in companionship with Christ

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September 21, 2017

Detroit — Windsor natives Raymond Colautti and his wife, Charlotte, were attending Mass at St. Scholastica Parish on Detroit’s west side years ago, when a divine...

Fr. Bob Bedard Journalling

The Cause of Unity

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We live in a divided Church. Not only are there hundreds of different Christian denominations, there are serious divisions within our own Church.

Fr. Francis Ching Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: Doesn’t transformed wine become non-wine oriented?

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Yet they are truly and substantially Christ’s Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

Fr. Francis Ching Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: Can I attend a Protestant Church to fulfill the obligation of worshipping on Sunday if there is no any Catholic Churches nearby?

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A Catholic must pay due diligence to explore possibilities where he or she may attend mass.

Seminarians praying

Alex and the Brotherhood

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I was looking for a picture of Alex this morning to pay tribute to the day. There are a lot of great pictures of Alex. However, I thought this was the most appropriate.

Fr. Rubén Ordination

Fr. Rubén's Ordination!

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The glory of God was in full display this morning. This morning we celebrated Fr. Rubén Campbell’s ordination to the priesthood. It matters; it matters very much.