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Companions of the Cross

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Fr. Allan MacDonald Portrait

The Belt of Freedom

Homily /  

Today, we are invited to decide to put ourselves under the lordship of Jesus Christ, and ask him to lead us by the belt.

Fr. Kenneth Lao Portrait

Prepare the Way

Homily /  

Advent is preparing the way for the Lord to come in to our lives.

1. Advent is to prepare a straight highway.
2. Our life can be compared to a desert where there...

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

Our Lady of Guadalupe in Advent

Homily /  

The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of the best images for Advent because it is our Lady expectant, about to give birth to the child, to the Saviour of the world. 

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait


Homily /  

Brothers and sisters, have you tried everything and nothing has worked? Why not try Jesus!? Come to the Lord Jesus with faith believing that he can heal you, that he can save...

Fr. Pierre Ingram Portrait

Tears Us Down, Builds Us Up

Homily /  

The word of God always has 2 effects, it tears us down and builds us up. It convicts us and encourages us. It call us to grieve over our past sins and to rejoice in God's mercy...

Fr. Sean Wenger Portrait

Preparing the Way of the Lord

Homily /  

Advent is a very holy time. It is when we prepare for the coming of Jesus. We prepare for his coming among us as a man and his coming again at the end of time. 

Fr. Bob Bedard Headshot

Fasting Needs to Make a Comeback (Fasting Part 3)

Blog Post /  

I stayed with it as long as I could. I eventually got to the point where I would stay up ‘till midnight Friday, then stuff out. There I would be at a few minutes to twelve,...

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

I'm A New Man!

Homily /  

Make one small change this month. Every month try to make one small change in your life.

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

5 Benefits of Gratitude

Homily /  

5 benefits of gratitude.