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Companions of the Cross

Matching Gift Challenge

12 Days of Giving - Day 2

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Our Church needs more priests. Leaders who have a passion for evangelization. Leaders who are committed to renewing the Church.

Fr. Kenneth Lao portrait

Gone Fishing

Homily /  

We are called not have fishing as a hobby but as a profession. 

Three points of the Homily:

1. Fishers of Men

Dcn. Alex Colautti

What Are You Afraid Of?

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Dcn. Alex Colautti will be ordained to the priesthood May 5 at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Ottawa, ON!

Seminarian Isaac Reading

Miguel Receives Ministry of Lector

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Seminarian Miguel Perez received the Ministry of Lector on Saturday, January 14, 2018 at the Wayne State Newman Center in Detroit, MI. 

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

Today Start New

Homily /  

Everyday, know that the Lord is giving you a fresh start. 

Fr. Bryan Sabourin Portrait

Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening

Homily /  

"If we say, Lord God, I'll do whatever you want me to do. Just tell me! Lay it on me! Through whatever means will get my attention. We're going to hear from Him. Dangerous...

Fr. Charles Portrait

Talking and Listening

Homily /  

This is a special and beautiful prayer given to us. It reminds us that prayer is meant to be a conversation. We don't just talk to God. We also listen to God. We give Jesus a...

Fr. Allan MacDonald, CC General Superior

Fr. Allan MacDonald's inspiring Witness interview on Salt + Light TV

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Watch Fr. Allan's full interview with Fr. Tom Rosica! Discover his personal vocation story, his deep convictions, and his hopes and dreams for the Companions of the Cross and...

Fr. Kenneth Lao portrait

Follow The Star

Homily /  

Who are the stars that we follow that could lead us closer to Jesus?

We see in this latest Star Wars movie and other movies, how they depict darkness with something that...