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Companions of the Cross

Seminarians Brenton and Daniel

5 Simple Ways to Spread the Faith in Your Home and Workplace

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Here are five simple ways you can be a missionary to those around you:

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UNITE with the Vision

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“I was struck by how many lives this man had brought Christ into. It seemed like it was never ending.”

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

The Question that Tells a Lot

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The things we do every day reveal a lot about who we are. 

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From Foolish To Being Wise

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Be prepared always for you do not know when you will meet Jesus.

I. Significance of the Parable of the 10 Virgins

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You go first!

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Be strong. Be courageous. Follow the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, others need you to set the example. 

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Keep Limping Along

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Don't be discouraged. Even though you are limping along, even if progress seems to be slow, take courage. You are on the right path; you will get there. 

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God's Place in our Lives

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"So the answer to the question, 'What is our response supposed to look like,' is the complete, total laying down of our lives for our greatest friend, who also happens to be...

Community Prayer

Profound Openness to the Holy Spirit

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We believe that ‘the miracle of Pentecost should continue in history,’ (Pope Paul VI, 17 October, 1974)

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Ask Fr. Francis: Is it wrong to avoid people who are a vexation to the spirit?

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Is it against the teachings to avoid people who are a vexation to the spirit? For example, avoiding those who gossip, impose their will on others, or take advantage of others...