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Companions of the Cross

Sharing your tesimony by Fr. Terry Donahue, CC. Click here.

Bishop Scott McCaig interview

Oh Captain, My Captain - An Interview with Bishop Scott McCaig

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“Dare to be a priest like me.”

Fr. Kenneth Lao portrait

The Ascension

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Jesus ascended to enter to God's glory and continue to do His work.

Three Significance of Jesus' Ascension to Heaven:
1. Jesus enters God's glory. By

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

St. Joseph Prayer for Purity

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We all love St. Joseph. His intercession is powerful!

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

Form Your Convictions

Homily /  

What are your convictions? What are the things you are absolutely convinced of?

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

Perspective is Everything

Homily /  

Brothers and sisters, we are in a battle. The scriptures teach us that if we want to be victorious we have to have the right perspective, a faith perspective. 

Fr. Simon Lobo Portrait

What do You do When you are Challenged?

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How do you respond when your faith is challenged?

Dan Potvin Portrait

Introducing... Dan Potvin

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As I reflect on my journey in faith, I fondly recall the many priests who have had a positive impact, in fact, in some cases a transformational impact, on my growth as a...

Christ's Suffering

8 Tips for Dealing with Trials

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So, trials must come. What are we to do when they surface?

Fr. Francis Ching Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: Won’t the mom and the child be better-off with an abortion if the child will have a suffering life because of his/her disabilities?

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But underneath this line of thought, is the unspoken belief that it is better to terminate someone else’s life than to help them to live it meaningfully.